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OmegaTech as a company is involved in research and development for cost effective production of single cell organisms such as algae’s (micro algae) fungi, (filamentous), yeast and bacteria, for the production of high grade sustainable cost effective source of omega 3 lipids as well as high levels of protein, vitamin, minerals and Omega 3  oil EPA, DHA, ARA, DPAn3,  Astaxanthin and other essential elements that are required for health of fish, animals and humans.

For a sustainable future for a healthy fish farming industry, animal feed and including high value human nutrition, OmegaTech has the answers.

‘Nutrients that work’

stable biomassWe can help companies to develop their own intellectual property for companies that work withing the aqua feed, aqua nutrition animal and human nutrition.  We can go from small scale laboratory pilot work through to full scale production.

‘building back up from the bottom of the food web’

Petri 2

OmegaTech have the solution to the industry dilemma’s we are able to resolve most of the problems surrounding quality nutrient supply to the aqua culture industry.


Our team has over 35 years of experience of designing and delivery of protocols to plant design for the development of aqua culture/ animal/human nutrition. For sustainable stable biomass with an economic guaranteed supply

Advanced Services
OmegaTech provides advanced services including:
*    strain screening
*    bio-process development
*    process optimization
*    scale-up and validation

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