Decline in Global Marine Ecosystems

                                          ‘We need to take planetary boundaries seriously’

Fishing Industry R

 Over 1 billion people rely on fish as protein source *

50% of wild marine fisheries are fully exploited *

25% already overexploited (FAO, 2007). *

We are now “fishing down the food web”

Maslows Web

2011 around 80% of all the fish oil produced in the world went to fish farms * most fish meal also goes into fish feed.

industry is under pressure because of shortage of quality feed stock

2013 – fish overtook beef production for 1st time in History – (66m tons fish v 62m tons beef)-fish overtook animal production for 1st time in History

Global population growth to increase food demand C. 70% by 2050, *

Source: * TEEB (2008) and The Government Office for Science (2011) Sourc: European Commission research & Innovation,  consumption and production in a resource-constrained world 3rd SCAR Foresight Exercise

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