Industry Dilemma

Salmon HighOmega-3 oils are a critical ingredient in fish feed, since, like humans, fish cannot produce omega-3 fatty acids and must source them from their feed. The industry is under pressure to find new forms of omega-3 oils due to the reduction in natural feed supplies and rising costs of fish meal and omega-3 oil. This is down to the major changes in the climate, pressures from the fishing industry and the additional demand created by the success of the fish farming industry.

The biggest problem is the lack of Omega 3 oils and the most affected industry by this is the salmon farming industry. This Shortage is going to restrict growth of the salmon farming industry. in 2010 888,000 tons of omega 3 oils were produced for the aquaculture industry and 45% of this was used in salmon farming.

1 A close Up Salmon Cage

These factors have had a major impact on the feed industry and due to the projected growth of the industry they have to find new ways to source adequate omega 3 oils to feed the fish.  The industry is investing large sums of money trying to find new healthy alternative supplies of Omega 3 oil and protein that is as close to the natural diet as possible. The industry needs to find a sustainable source of Omega 3 oil and fish meal protein.

stable biomassIts in the horns of this industry dilemma that OmegaTech can help by helping suppliers come up with protocols and process that will overcome the shortfall of omega 3 oils and other sustainable high grade nutrients to the industry.

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