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Industry New Record 2013:

Farmed Fish production overtook Beef Production as a protein source  (66m tons fish produced v 62m tons beef)

1 Salmon Cows x 2

“A report by the Earth Policy Institute in Washington DC has found that farmed fish production is rising rapidly, reaching a record 66 million tonnes in 2012. Cattle farm output, by contrast, has levelled off, with just 63 million tonnes of beef produced in the same year.” New Scientist 18 June 2013

New Scientist

New Scientist 18 June 2013:

Humans are set to consume more farmed fish than wild-caught fish by 2015, says the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

Some farmed fish are good for the environment. For example, silver carp, feed on grass, plankton and detritus..

However, other popular farmed species such as salmon are carnivorous. They must be fed on smaller fish like anchovies, caught from the wild. As a result, salmon can only be farmed by further depleting wild fish stocks. It would be preferable to shift the balance back in favour of farmed fish raised without feeds based on protein from other animals,” the report concludes.


Anchovy 5

However the whole market is much bigger 160 million tons

Source: www.FOA.ORG Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture report 2014

Increasing role of aquaculture in fish consumption – share of fish origination from capture and aquaculture for human consumption from 1950 – 2013

Global Fish Production 1950-2013 U

FAO data as taken from their Fishery Statistical Collections (

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