OmegaTech’s primary address is the feed supply manufacture and supply industry for fish farms ….

1 Cages Island


Increasing role of aquaculture in fish consumption – share of fish origination from capture and aquaculture for human consumption from 1950 – 2013

Global Fish Production 1950-2013 UFAO data as taken from their Fishery Statistical Collections (

However there are other significant markets which are looking to OmegaTech for a solution that can also be addressed:

In particular markets involving high value human consumption.

1   global infant formula

2   global Nutraceuticals

3   global  Body building health

4   Third World full nutritional meal replacements low cost

stable biomassOther addressable markets

5   Animal feeds  & Pet food

The global infant formula market estimated at $7.9 billion

Infant Formulae2014 Zenith estimates market over US$50 billion fastest growing packaged food category for next 5 years, growth +7% a year. Experts predict even higher levels of 8-9% a year

Baby Food in the UK” market grew by 38%. 2008 – 2013, (per baby born in the current year) at £865.8 Per capita expenditure in 2014, up by 40.8% on 2008

NeutracuiticlesNutraceuticals Market to Reach $204.8 Billion by 2017 – (Highest Yield)

Body BuildMuscle supplement industry going mainstream

Euromonitor says the global sports nutrition industry was worth some £2.2bn in 2004 rising to almost £3bn in 2009.

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